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my new favorite game

2014-06-09 09:31:30 by philipv11

it is helmet heroes :)

im going to make me more medals to make me in top 10

been a long time

2013-11-22 06:55:14 by philipv11

im bored looking for a some do games and im very good at pixel art and charqcters so pm me if you want me to help you with a game

here me

2013-10-27 09:33:41 by philipv11

heres a photo of me im 12 years old

here me

that is my

2013-10-16 08:59:52 by philipv11

that is my rabbit on my photo

that is my

im going to make more frames so enjoy

now im going to make pixel art

2013-10-12 13:08:24 by philipv11

i gonna do pixel art animation for the first time im working on it

i quit do games

2013-10-08 04:04:06 by philipv11

i stop with do games and do art it am better on so i use atudodesk pro for pc or adobe illustrator

heres is it

you must give me credit so it shows artist philipv11
and heres my pixel art i made